for the broken relationship

Dear V,

Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. Even though you knew he was not in the right place in his life to be in a relationship with you, letting go of the person you thought was going to be “the one” is tough. However, yet still, may you find time in this season to take the time to get to know yourself again. May you take time to circle back and remember who you really are and who you are called to be. Because maybe the moment you were realizing that relationship was not right for your heart, was actually the moment you were realizing you needed a fresh start; in the arms of grace, and learning the true definition of Love all over again. And even though it’s an adjustment now, getting used to this new place, you are only being refined, and you will only continue to grow to where you need to be. And growing is hard, especially when you consider who may or may not be there, what things you once loved that may change, and the new people and places you will meet but do not yet know, but there will be beauty in growing too. And for all the things you lost or left behind and for everything you have learned allow the way, you can still grow in grace, and know love and know peace, and day by day becoming who you were meant to be. - Sincerely, Morgan Harper Nichols

And for all the things

you lost and left behind,

and for all the hard things

you learned along the way,

hold onto beautiful truth:

you are growing in grace,

wrapped in Love,

finding peace,

day by day becoming

who you were meant to be.

-Morgan Harper Nichols

Harper Sisters
Breathe deep today under heavy skies

Dear E, Thanks for messaging me and that is so sweet of you to think of your friend and how you can encourage her in this season. I know that has to be so hard as she sees something that was valuable in her life change before her eyes in this way.

I’ll write the following words to her, and then, you can share them with her, if you like…

“If the weight of winter is all too heavy and the thought of new seasons is ever too pressing, may you cling all the more to both the simplicities and complexities of this very moment and realize through it all, you are still breathing.

Because there might be days where you are certain you are over it and there might be days you feel everything all over again, and there might be days where you are somewhere in between and all you want is to get past this, but no matter the day, despite the noise of it all, there will still be songs to listen to. And when you don’t feel like singing and you don’t feel like laughing, there will still be rhythms to breathe to. And not because of anything you have done, but because of the Light working deeply in you.

So breathe deep today under these heavy winter skies for though they are grey, the sun is still bright, under low leaning clouds, you are still seen, and there is still so much hope beyond these present things.”Sincerely, Morgan Harper Nichols

in the mourning she’ll hear music

In the mourning she’ll hear music,

in the darkness she will dance,

for all the things that fell apart,

she believes there’s still a chance:

for better things to happen

beyond the things she understands,

and for joy to take her shadows

and turn them into sinking sand.

–Morgan Harper Nichols


Original Message: 

Hi “S!” Thank you so much for your kind words and I love that you do music as well! I love that you have decided to take that leap and put yourself out there more. What kind of music do you make?

I truly believe that music is such a wonderful way to be reminded we are not alone. Whether it’s in the songs we listen to or the songs we sing, I truly believe it’s a gift from God to give us peace and comfort on a daily basis.

As I read your story, I just had to ask: have you ever written songs or poems? One thing I have found is that since the day my mother first encouraged me to write songs and write more poetry, I realized that I suddenly had this outlet to put into words not only what I was feeling, but also, how it could encourage others too.

I remember feeling so alone and left out and worlds away from my peers and the kind of lives they were living, but when I began to put those feelings into words...and I began to include the specific details of what I was going through, God really spoke to me. He began to show me over and over that I was not the only one feeling this way and music was a way of expressing that.

I don’t know if you consider yourself a writer or not, but I just really want to encourage you in this season to fill the journal. Fill every page. If a song speaks to you? Write about it. If something someone said stood out to you? Write about it. If you just remembered a conversation you had with someone? Write about it.

Of course all of the answers won’t be found there, but maybe, just maybe, there is something inside of you that’s been waiting to be put into words and turned into music and who knows, it could turn into the most beautiful thing.

As I thought about your story, these are the words that came to mind, and I hope they resonate with you and the season you’re in.

In the mourning she’ll hear music,

in the darkness she will dance,

for all the things that fell apart,

she believes there’s still a chance:

for better things to happen

beyond the things she understands,

and for joy to take her shadows

and turn them into sinking sand.

–Morgan Harper Nichols


Harper Sisters
when you fly away this summer

when you fly away

this summer,

to that new

and unknown place,

breathe deep

and cling to grace.

as you take it

day by day.

as you step

beyond the margins

of all

you’ve ever known,


will be your guide

no matter where you go.





Harper Sisters
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Harper Sisters
for things never said

a painting that created a poem.

(free printable wall art below!) 

Over the past couple of weeks I have shared my process online of how I use the mind map method to write poems, prose, and many others things.


Everything I create is written with one person in mind and sent to them before I share it publicly, so it’s important to me that I try my hardest to make sure every piece feels a bit like “them” even if I don’t know actually know much about them. In sharing this process, I talked a lot about how I like to use a lot of color, as it helps keep my mind fresh with ideas. I have always loved painting, drawing, and designing, but yesterday, when I was writing, I got the idea to try to map out my ideas using painting and drawing as I brainstormed about a poem for a particular person . I have done many similar doodling-type activities like this before, but never quite like this.

Here are the results for a poem I wrote and sent to a girl called, “for things never said.” 


Note: all of these pieces are free for personal use. Feel free to screenshot, save, and print. For commercial use, please contact.



Harper Sisters
20180307 - Log

Today I decided to create mindmaps live on Instagram. Here are some of the results.

feel free to use anything on this page for personal use: phone wallpapers, printable art, postcards, texts to friends, Instagram captions, etc.






I did not write this today, but I did write it in this notebook for the first time.

Harper Sisters

everything in this post is what I created and shared for individuals throughout the day. names have been omitted.


Original message:

The word that came to me for your poem was “onward.” The word means “at a point lying ahead, moving forward.” I hope that whatever season this season looks like right now, you will be encouraged by these words to keep moving onward, even if you do not know what lies ahead. Even in uncertainty, may your feet be kept steady on the path, so that one day you will wake up and see that all of trusting and pressing on was worth it.



Original message:

The word that came to mind when I read your story was “heal.” One of its many definitions is “to make free.” Which I pray that you are able to be made free to live your life without the shadows of this following your every step, because nothing that happened has taken anything away from your soul. You are still a whole woman with incredible potential and purpose and no amount of darkness or confusion can take away from where you are headed. I hope that these words encourage you in some way to take deep breaths often and by grace, begin to heal every day.



The word that came to mind as I read what you shared with me was “evergreen.” The word means, in regards to the evergreen tree, is “having foliage that remains green and functional throughout more than one growing season.” Because you know that even in this dark place, Light is shining on you, I hope you can see your heart as evergreen...lined with joy and peace, even in the chaos of things because you know that even here, you are loved and you are even and you are growing.


The above poems were all written after I created the following mindmap. A mindmap is a method I use daily to map out ideas for possible poems. As I read through stories, I often refer back to mindmaps to connect the dots in my writing. A mindmap can look many different ways and can be used for a variety of reasons. This is one of many that I have made:


Harper Sisters
When your thoughts have torn at the lining of your strength,

When your thoughts
have torn
at the lining of your strength,
take heart,
hold on:
there is grace
for this. 
No matter how this ends,
you are not the sum
of what happened.
You have grown.
You have changed.
You are still in the direction
of who you are meant to be.
You are stronger. 
You are wiser.
Even when it’s hard to believe,
allow yourself to show up
allow yourself to breathe
in all of the chaos and imperfection
allow yourself to be
in this moment:
today, right here,
for no matter what happens
this is still not last year.
Step into the clearing.
Draw near to the grace.
No matter how this goes,
you will never be the same.
Morgan Harper Nichols

Harper SistersComment

When new melodies
play around her, 
she holds dear
those early notes,
For this is only
the beginning.
There is more
music to go:
It is all coming together.
She knows she will be fine.
A song just for this moment.
and a symphony in time.
–Morgan Harper Nichols

Harper SistersComment
To the grieving one:

To the grieving one:
It’s okay to miss them.
It’s okay to collapse, here in grace.
It’s okay if things are never ever the same without them.
It’s okay to miss them.
It’s okay
It’s okay
It’s okay
It’s okay
It’s okay
It’s okay
It’s okay
It’s okay
-Morgan Harper Nichols

Harper SistersComment
she can taste the weight of endless oceans on her tongue

Her joy is not weightless and fleeting. It is rooted deep in the story of the mountains and valleys she has tread for many years. Her smile is more than expression. It is a radiant, island-sized reminder that she is still here. And though there are days that come and go like waves and disappear on the shores, she craves for more. And she is learning that’s okay. Because that’s exactly what she was made for. She was made for more. Fay beyond these shores, she can taste the weight of endless oceans on her tongue, she is reminded. She was made for more.

Harper SistersComment
for the miles you learned to run,

for the miles you learned to run,
and the ones you learned to rest,
for the days you gave up everything,
and the ones that took your breath,
through these hills and endless valleys
if you feel that nothing’s left
take a look at this road before you:
you are far from finished yet.
–Morgan Harper Nichols

Harper SistersComment
under white skies blue skies black skies

Take heart.
Take heart under white skies blue skies black skies,
stare up at them all with hopeful eyes
for many miles beneath them
you are seen.
In the reckless gritty chaos of things,
you are seen.
and not a moment
of this day
will go by
without you
being guided
where you
need to be.
–Morgan Harper Nichols

Harper SistersComment