Morgan Harper Nichols

Singer, songwriter, storyteller.

New Music

Storyteller by Morgan Harper Nichols feat. Jamie Grace


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For Morgan, each song is an opportunity to tell a story, especially when it comes to what matters to her most: her faith, her family, and the people and stories God places in her path.

Whether she’s singing her newest song Storyteller, or a leading a congregation in a time of worship, Morgan’s conviction as a storyteller and a vocalist remains the same: 

God has given each of us a story and it’s time to share it, and that is why Morgan chooses to sing.

Since her teenage years, Morgan has traveled the world sharing her voice, song, and story, all the way from east Texas to eastern Europe. She has also appeared on numerous radio stations, television networks, and other media outlets on a regular basis, including several appearances with her Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Jamie-Grace…who happens to be Morgan’s little sister. Together they enjoy creating new music and their collaborative efforts include Jamie-Grace’s #1 single “Beautiful Day,” and “White Boots,” which is a song they wrote with their mother, Mama Mona. Their collaborative work also includes their ongoing country project “Harper Still.”

Morgan is currently on the road with her music, alongside her husband Patrick of four years who is a tour manager. In addition to music, Morgan is also an avid blogger, fiction writer, and a creator and contributor to various other projects. She has both a music and fiction project in the works.


Booking: Mona [at] goodeyemanagement [dot] com