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when your thoughts have torn at the lining of your strength

When your thoughts

have torn

at the lining of your strength,

take heart,

hold on:

there is grace

for this.

No matter how this ends,

you are not the sum

of what happened.

You have grown.

You have changed.

You are still in the direction

of who you are meant to be.

You are stronger.

You are wiser.

Even when it’s hard to believe,

allow yourself to show up

allow yourself to breathe

in all of the chaos and imperfection

allow yourself to be

in this moment:

today, right here,

for no matter what happens

this is still not last year.

Step into the clearing.

Draw near to the grace.

No matter how this goes,

you will never be the same.

–– Morgan Harper Nichols

in overwhelming anxiety, there is overwhelming grace.

High over the hills of her worries,

she will soar on wings like eagles,

she will laugh about the days to come,

without fear of where she would end up.

Because she knows no matter what,

she will be where she needs to be:

soaking everything in joy,

she will have all that she needs.

And when she flies and she when falls

and on her best and worst of days,

in overwhelming anxiety

there will be overwhelming grace.

–– Morgan Harper Nichols