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Dive deep into the wonder of grace

May you bravely pursue

the opportunity

in this present moment

to take a deep breath

and dive deep

into the wonder of grace:

Grace when things do not make sense.

Grace when you are not sure

how you can handle any more of this.

Grace when nothing seems

to come together the right way.

Grace when you are not sure

who will leave or who will stay.

Grace upon grace upon grace

on the best and worst of days.

Grace to know no matter what,

in the end, you will be okay.

–– Morgan Harper Nichols



the thoughts and feelings

you have worn

on your shoulders

for so long,

there is the real you

who is worthy of the freedom

from what darkness said

you would be.

you are more than what you feel

you are more than what you think,

yes, this things matter,

but they do not mean everything.

there is still

open space

deep within

the present moment

to let these old things go

and just be

for sometime,

knowing that you are so much more

than what is heavy on your mind.

— Morgan Harper Nichols

when your thoughts have torn at the lining of your strength

When your thoughts

have torn

at the lining of your strength,

take heart,

hold on:

there is grace

for this.

No matter how this ends,

you are not the sum

of what happened.

You have grown.

You have changed.

You are still in the direction

of who you are meant to be.

You are stronger.

You are wiser.

Even when it’s hard to believe,

allow yourself to show up

allow yourself to breathe

in all of the chaos and imperfection

allow yourself to be

in this moment:

today, right here,

for no matter what happens

this is still not last year.

Step into the clearing.

Draw near to the grace.

No matter how this goes,

you will never be the same.

–– Morgan Harper Nichols