You are where you are meant to be

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You are where you are meant to be. My dear, you are where you are meant to be. It will not feel like it when you are waiting. It will not feel like it when you are searching. But one day you will look back and see that so many little things came together in ways you were not expecting. You will find that so many things fell in place that you never anticipated. And most of all, you will find that even amongst the shadows, you were still being guided by Light. Through the winding paths of the steepest mountains, you kept going anyway. By grace, all by grace, you kept going anyway.

Remember this on the days when you do not feel as strong as you would like to be. Remember this when you feel that you do not have the skill, the strength, or the courage you need. You may not be traveling at the same pace as the rest of them, but that is no reflection of what you are capable of. That is no reflection of your worth. There is a greatness inside of you and it is not to be compared to anyone else on earth. And it did not just happen to be that way. Everything you have been through has informed where you are now, and it informs what you make, in the most beautiful, honest way.

So no matter what, please do not be too hard on yourself. This life is hard enough. You are free to be kind to yourself, wherever you are on your journey, no matter the things you have or have not achieved.

Allow yourself to get into a daily rhythm of receiving what is True, opening your arms to grace finding its way to you. Even though there are moments where you do not feel worthy, allow yourself to breathe deep day by day, and be reminding that grace does not work in a merit-based way. Grace is glorious unmerited favor that meets you where you are, revealing to you the Light that has always been shining on you. Even amidst your flaws and the things you haven’t figured out. Grace is endless, and boundless, and strengthens you moment by moment.

So I hope that even here, you can continue to receive the grace that is available to you. I hope you can continue to pull back the curtains and let the morning Light pour in...knowing it’s not about if you deserve it, but if you are humbly willing to receive it, knowing here, you can be undone, as you wait for what’s to come.

More tomorrow…


Morgan Harper Nichols