True strength

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You do not have to be “the strong one” in order to be strong. You do not even have to convince others that you are not weak. You are still free to be gentle and tender. You are still free to love well and laugh aloud and not always have it all together. All by grace, you are free to do these things and still be strong.

Why? Because all along, you have been stronger than you thought you were. You have been stronger than others thought you were. You are capable of letting go. You are capable of moving on. You are capable of living a life that has been beautifully and divinely affected by Light, no matter what your past fears or failures have looked like.

Let this be what your strength rests on. The opinions of others, and even the opinions you have of yourself can only take you so far. Let your strength be found in the unmerited favor called grace that reminds you of the many ways strength shows up in your life.