The value of your life is not measured in calendar years

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Your story is not all over the place. No matter how many jobs you’ve had to take, how many cities you’ve to move to, or how many friendships and relationships have changed over the years, all by grace, you are still on a journey that leads you where you need to be. The value of your life is not measured in calendar years. What you have to bring to a new relationship is not measured by the relationship that failed. Please do not treat your life like a checklist. Please do not minimize your worth to a deadline or an age group. Your life can be fulfilling at sixteen and also sixty. Twenty-five and thirty-five. Or course, it won’t look the same in all of those stages, but you will find that joy is timeless. Peace is timeless. Grace is timeless. And you don’t have to work your way there. This is available to you now, even in the midst of wondering how everything will come together in this season, and the future.


Morgan Harper Nichols

– Excerpt from the series “Breathe In. Breathe Out.” in the iPhone app “Storyteller” by Morgan Harper Nichols

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