Keep hope. Not all has been lost.

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Keep hope. Not all has been lost. You have not seen the bounds of Love yet and what it means in your life. Have faith that even after all the years you have been alive, you are only just beginning. You have been in the ocean for the longest time, but there are still further depths to pursue. Love will continue to find you. You will continue to be surprised by the beautiful reality that as shadow-filled and cold as this world can be, there are still people out there who are willing to give love freely. And you have every right to be one of those people...especially if you have been broken. Because if you have been heartbroken in any way, you know how precious love is. You know it is something that is not to be taken for granted. So give love. Be love. Know that even on this journey of understanding what love truly means, you are not too imperfect or too broken to experience the richness that love brings to this life.

– Excerpt from the series ‘Beneath the Layers’ in the app Storyteller #thestorytellerco