Hope is a wild horse

The thing about hope is that it’s unbridled. It runs wild and free over everything. Hope does not care about what happened yesterday or who did or did not look your way. It sees other paths. It sees other opportunities. It looks beyond the frame of references that you have built up around yourself…

Hope is a wild horse, running wild and free, over tethered, barren fields, it keeps on going and even better...it helps you heal. It helps you see that no matter what things have gone wrong in the past, you are allowed to hope that Love is still stronger and after everything, it will last. You are allowed to believe that. You are allowed to hold out for that. Hope is unbridled. Hope is free. And it is yours to have. Even in uncertainty.

-Excerpt from the iPhone app ‘Storyteller’ series: There Is Grace For This
Written by Morgan Harper Nichols