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You do not have to wait until you get to the other side to exhale. You do not have to wait until you finally see how it all works out in order to loosen your shoulders and breathe. You are allowed to breathe deep in the deepest part of the valley. You are allowed to stop and catch your breath even when you have been told to keep running. Making it to the other side can make a difference in your life, but it is the simple, yet miraculous act of breathing that keeps you alive. It is breathing that keeps you on course, even when you must go at a slower place.

Loosen your shoulders.
Look up.
May you never deprive your body of the exhale.
You need it.
You need to breathe.
You need to know you are worthy of peace,
right here in the in-betweens.

Let your exhale become a physical reminder that you are capable of finding peace here. Let it remind you that despite all of the things running through your mind, you don’t have to sort through those things in order to breathe. Being mindful of your exhale will not fix everything, but it does meet a need: you need to slow down and breathe.


Morgan Harper Nichols

This is an excerpt from the series ‘Endless, Boundless Peace’ by Morgan Harper Nichols in the iPhone app ‘Storyteller.’