Even when the territory you are entering is strange and new, Glorious Light will still find you.

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Let it be in this space filled with uncertainty where you are reminded of what is true: it absolutely okay if some things are on hold, or if there are things on your heart that are taking time to unfold. For even here, you can still make the mindful decision to come alive where you are today.

And this does not mean that everything will fall in place the way you thought it would, but it does mean that your awareness is increasing to see the beauty and the good: the way Light that floods the room, the warmth that fills your bones, revealing that in the depths of all of the change, you are still not alone. For even when the territory you are entering is strange and new to you, Glorious Endless Light will still find you. Even when the path is narrow and you are not sure of what lies beyond the bend, and you are not sure if you are ready for the changes that lie ahead, you are still free to embrace this path, taking it all step by step. You are free to embrace the journey, knowing that no matter what happens next, you will be led where you need to be.


Morgan Harper Nichols

– Excerpt from the series ‘Embracing the unknown’ in the iPhone app ‘Storyteller.' Read this series and many others when you download the app! You will also receive free daily wallpapers exclusive to the app. http://morganharpernichols.com/app

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