Even here, a beautiful work is being accomplished within you

Even here, a beautiful work is being accomplished within you. You might not be able to always see it in a quick glance at your present state, but when you look at the whole picture of your life, you will begin to see that there is beauty in the wholeness of it all. And even in the moments where you felt insignificant and small, Light was still pouring in, providing you with grace and strength, to keep stepping more into you truly are. – Morgan Harper Nichols

Because all along, you didn't need everything figured out in order to continue to grow. You didn't need the job, the relationship, or the clarity you thought you would need in order to keep on living. Yes, it made it so much more difficult when you didn't have the answers and so many things started changing before your eyes, but you still made it through. And you are still making it through. Every day you show up is a rebellion to the darkness that thought it had you.

Darkness will not win here. The shadows will feel all-consuming at times, but you will still be found by Light. You will still be allowed to take the journey no matter the uncertainty. No one is going to take your place. You are not too late. You may miss certain opportunities and you may miss certain certain people, but you have not missed out on what was meant for you. There is still a road before you. And as long as you are still breathing, you are still free to carry on with courage and grace for the rest of this journey…

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Morgan Harper Nichols

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