All has not been lost

The truth is, there is no way of knowing when it will be “your turn,” but there is a way to find peace right where you are. For even without those answers, you are going to grow in the way you were meant to. Even without the clarity and the vision for what the next few months or years will look like, you are still allowed to have hope for the future.

All has not been lost because others found their seat at the table before you did. Even if it takes longer than expected, there will still be a place at the table for you. And sometimes, there just might be another table. You might just wake up one morning and realize that even though you are excited for them, all along, you were being called somewhere else. All along, something beyond what you had been seeing was calling you.

And the beautiful about finding this kind of peace is this: you learn to hold more than one thing in your grasp at a time. You learn that you can celebrate the victories of those around you while simultaneously knowing that your victories will likely look very different than theirs, and it’s supposed to be that way. Let this be the peace you find that gives you freedom from comparison, the ability to let go the need to measure up to an ideal and to embrace the daily opportunity you have to hold it all in your hands, for what it is. And perhaps the more you are able to find this kind of peace, the less room there will be for comparison.

Excerpt from the ‘Storyteller’ iPhone app series ‘No Comparison’
Written by Morgan Harper Nichols

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