Support the #FreeArtandWords Project

Every day, I make art and write words for others, for free, as a daily practice of generosity, in hopes to encourage others to embrace and share their unique way of showing up in the world.

My goal is to keep this project 100% free. Here's how you can support!

1. Spread the Word!

I am so grateful for everyone that has helped spread the messages I share here with their friends and community. Browse the free library for printable wall art, phone wallpapers, and more that you can share with others.


2. Make a Donation

1. When you make a donation (of any amount) I will write something with your submission in mind (you don't have to wait to be randomly selected) and I'll write something for another randomly selected person.

2. If I haven't written anything for you yet, after you make a donation, fill out this form (you will also be sent there automatically after you donate) and we will be in touch from there! The turnaround time is usually 1 week, but can take up to 4 weeks. If you need it by a specific date (example, for a birthday), please let me know on the form!

3. I will email you what I wrote with your submission in mind, asking you to let me know which parts stand out to you the most and what colors/style you prefer. From there, I will illustrate/letter the part you'd like to emphasize, and you can still use the rest what I sent for personal use.*


- OR - Sponsor via Cash App: $MorganHarperNichols


*Artist maintains all rights for all pieces. If you would like to use any of work or commission a piece for commercial (non personal) use, email Kekoa at for more information.