You have not seen all there is to see

The uncertainty is overwhelming, and it leaves you with more questions than answers. It makes you wonder if you are headed in the right direction. It makes you wonder if you should be trying to push forward a little more, or if you should learn to be a little more still. There’s all this back and forth, to and fro, like waves tossing over one another in a tireless sea.

But for all that has changed, and all that has stayed the same, for every mixed feeling, and all the words that went unsaid, you are still being led into the arms of boundless peace...allowing you to rest, breathe deep, take heart, and keep going.

For in all that is missing, you do not have to miss out on the opportunity to have have hope that: you have not seen everything you were meant to see. You have not met everyone you were meant to meet. You have not done all the things you were meant to do. You have not traveled to all the places you were meant to travel to. You have seen a lot of the ocean, but there are still further depths. Take heart, breathe deep. You are far from finished yet.

Let this be the kind of hope and anticipation your soul clings to. More than you worry if the future will meet your expectations, trust that what waits in the future will go beyond what you were expecting. And not because everything will come together perfectly in the years to come, but because you chose to cultivate joy and peace in daily life, season into season, amidst your deepest doubts. You chose to believe that deeper than your doubts, was an even deeper grace, where you were allowed to walk through what you were feeling and still be led where you were meant to be.

May this beautiful truth bring you peace. May it bring comfort and wellness to your soul, amidst all of the things that are out of your control. You may not be where you thought you would be, but you are gathering the strength and courage you need to carry on for the rest of the journey. Even in your wandering. Even in your waiting. – MHN

Written for the one who sent me their story. DMS are open. Stories are kept private, and I always send you what I created for you before sharing it elsewhere.