you have not missed out on what was meant for you

I cannot tell you when it will be “your turn” or when you will finally find the love or find the peace that you are longing for, but I can tell you, as long as you are breathing, there is still more in store. I know it is hard to believe when it you have to watch others get the answers and the opportunities that have been praying for yourself, but I promise you, no matter how great this season looks for them, you are no less worthy or deserving than them. Your story is going to look a different from here. In fact, it always has. You have always been the one to keep treading, on this narrow, winding path.

You might have to wait a little longer and you might have to give a little more to finding joy in the little things, but none of this will hinder you from traveling this inevitable journey from being led where you need to be.

Trust in the process.

Trust in the process.

Things are going to look a little bit different here, but there is no reason to fear. Remember all the things you did not know last year, and still made it through? Remember how you continued to laugh and listen to the music despite all of the heartbreak that found you?

The same grace you found in that season is still with you today. Even while you watch others succeed. Even while you wait. You have not been abandoned. The mere fact that you are breathing is a sign that you are connected to this life.

I know it’s hard to watch them go on and live out the answered prayers that you have been praying for, for years. But I hope that you can still trust: there is a reason you’re still here. You cannot see it, but you can trust that Love is still available here. Peace is still running wild here. No matter your uncertainties or your fears. – MHN


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