You belong in this world just as much as anyone else - April 10, 2019

I hope these words encourage you to keep telling your story. I hope you know that no matter the things that have not come together in your life, that does not mean you have to stop dreaming. That does not mean you have to stop exploring, creating, following your curiosity. You belong here just as much as anyone else. You are free to make things and make a difference just as much as the people you look up to.

Please do not make yourself small.

Please do not sell yourself short.

You have too much to say.

You have too much truth stirring up like fire within you and it’s waiting to flow through you.

I know there a lot of people saying things right now, but someone still needs your words. Your voice. Your presence. No one tells the story like you do. No one knows the way you felt that night but you. No one knows the depths of the lies you used to believe but you. No one knows just how much grace has meant to you.

Please don’t look at the numbers. Please don’t worry about the outcome. Allow yourself to be present to this moment and let truth come pouring out. Write it all out in your journal. Paint it into your paintings. Turn your truthful, graceful words into a text message and send it to a friend in need. Your presence, your voice, and your story matter so much more than you think. - Morgan Harper Nichols