You are worth the time it takes to slow down, be still, and rest.

If there are days where you feel

your body is too tired

to fill the room with laughter

and good stories

in the way

your heart wants to,

it is okay

to not be

all you feel

you have to be

for everyone,

and to focus on breathing,

and being,

knowing that even when you are quieter

and your smile comes a little slower

you are not empty.

you are not any less significant.

You are a traveler on a journey

who is simply in need

of rest

in the arms of the kind of peace

where she is free

to just be.

You are worth the quiet moment.

You are worth the deeper breath.

You are worth the time it takes to slow down, be still, and rest.

There are times where you need to hit the ground running and there are also times where you need to rest. You have spent over a decade of your life trying to keep up with the pace of everyone else, making intentional times to set goals to aim higher, to go further...but tell me, how much intentional time have you given to rest? To breathe deep, even when there are things to do, and realize that every single part of you needs to slow down and just be for a while? Your body needs it. Your heart needs it. Your mind definitely needs it. I know you feel like knowing it all and doing it all is what’s being asked of you, but I promise you, even then, you have to slow down and take care of yourself. Not everything has to be figured out tonight. Not every list has to be punched through this week. Prioritize. Minimize. Realize: You are not selfish for doing this. You do not have to be productive every moment. Yes, you are a hard worker, and yes, you are “giving your all,” but may never forget to give your all to rest, too. You need it. You really do. Tomorrow will come when it comes. The future will be here when it is meant to be here. But for now, you are here...and you are free to rest in this space.

- Morgan Harper Nichols