You are where you are meant to be

You are where you are meant to be.

I spent the longest time trying to think of the right words to place on these walls. Two weeks ago, we welcomed our son into the world, and leading up to that, I knew that I wanted to write something for his nursery. However, as I started to paint and we drew closer and closer to his due date, I kept coming back to these words: "you are where you are meant to be."

And even though I originally wanted to write something new, I am so glad I came back to these words. I was certain this was a truth a wanted our little Jacob to know, but in the past two weeks since giving birth to Jacob, he's has been the one teaching me "you are where you are meant to be," too.

He is already teaching me to take things slow. To not be so afraid when things don't go according to plan. To know that there if grace for the moments where I haven't had rest and I'm not able to do the things I used to. To walk a little slower and move a little slower as my body slowly heals. He is teaching me to be. Just be.

I want him to grow up knowing he is where he is meant to be, right here, on this grace-filled journey called life and I am grateful for him teaching me that very same thing.

- Morgan

P.S. I want to try and start sharing just a little bit more of my story here (maybe once a week), in hopes to share the thoughts and stories that are woven into the art and poetry I share. Thanks for being here.

And thank you to @evolurbaby for gifting us the Waverly Collection for his nursery…from the moment it landed on our doorsteps we have been so grateful and also, impressed with quality, and how well it blended with the room! We truly do cherish it. Thank you.


My husband Patrick and I made a video about the nursery as well!

(Neither of us do a lot of video these days, but it’s something we really wanted to share and we hope you enjoy it!)

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Side note: You will see baby powder in this video, but we actually are not using baby powder a tall. This was a default purchase that we ended up not using! - Patrick and Morgan Nichols