You are still worthy of love - April 16, 2019

You are still worthy of love. You are still worthy of knowing what it means to know to love and to be loved. I am sorry for the one who broke your trust. You should not have had to endure that. You should have never known what it meant for a heart to be broken in that way. But you are worthy of love, anyway. You are worthy of being able to move forward in beautiful, healing ways. You may feel the burden of the brokenness right now, but there is still much more to your story.

Your life is not a checklist.

Your life
is not
a checklist.

Just because the things you hoped for have fallen out of place that does not mean you cannot keep living a meaningful, purposeful life. You are not out of time. No matter what is not checked off on the “list,” you are worth so much more than that, and you are being called to go on the journey. Even amidst the brokenness. Even amidst the sadness. These feelings are real, but this is not all there is to you.

And you are going to move on.
My friend, you are going to move on.
You are going to wake up one day and realize:
certain things no longer bother you.
They may cross your mind from time to time,
but it will not feel the same,
and it is then you will realize:
you have grown
in beautiful ways.

You have spent so many nights trying to communicate what you feel. You have spent so many years trying to get to the core of the heartbreak. You have wondered what you missed or what you could have done differently. And you have also been invited to step into Light and believe that even amidst the brokenness, you still have the capacity for love. The one that hurt you does not have the capacity to take that from you.

And love will look different here and in the seasons to come but that will be a beautiful thing. You will find that was what you were needing: a new beginning. A new way of living. A new way of trusting that despite he one who broke your trust, you were still free to hope, to believe, to love 

Morgan Harper Nichols