You are still being directed right where you need to be - April 9, 2019

These past few years, the year has not begun in the way you hoped it would. In a time where you were supposed to be celebrating new beginnings, you were met with ending, after ending. You have been stretched in ways that tested your strength, absorbing the little energy you had left. You have worked so hard to create stability and a dream, only to have it all swept out from beneath you. And now you are here, finding your way another month, waiting for newness, waiting for an opening. I hope that it is here, you can keep your heart open. I hope you can see that even in the weariness of the waiting, this heart of yours still beats for more. You may not be in a rhythm quite yet, but there is a rhythm to your heartbeat, and even in the uncertainty, that means something. There is a steadiness there you can cling to.

And the truth is, it might take a little longer for things to fall in place in the way you it want to. It might be longer than expected before you see how it all comes together. But I just hope you can remember: you have done all you can to make it this far, and the things that have not fallen in place do not define who you are. There is so much that is happening that is greater than you, and it is okay if you cannot make sense of it. It is okay to sit in the wonder and find that somehow, there is still a wholeness to it all, and you do not have to have it all together to experience beauty right here in your chaos.

So keep taking deep breaths, believing: you are far from finished yet. Grace is still running through the wilderness of your disappointment leading you to the river of an ever-flowing peace, singing: you are not lost. You are not lost. You are still being led right where you need to be. Even in the weariness. Even in the waiting.


This piece was originally written and sent to someone who shared their story with me via my siteā€¦I hope in some way they speak to you, too. - Morgan