You are free to start anew

I hope the best for you.

I hope that in these raging seas

you can still know you are worthy

of finding your way safely to shore.

Because after all you have been through 

you are worthy of more:

more peace




more grace to know

here in the chaos,

you can still be alright,

and you are free

to start anew

no matter what lies

behind you.

So perhaps this could be the season for starting over. Even in the most subtle ways, maybe this is where you begin to welcome change...change that reminds you what it means to brave, to step out into the unknown, without knowing what tomorrow holds. And to pay attention, pay dear attention, to the matters of your heart, knowing you do not have to have everything all sorted out before you see today as a brand new start. 

And you might just have to take the leap. You might just have to choose to see: where you are headed next is going to be filled with uncertainty. There will be highs and lows. There is will be new unknowns. And there will also be a thousand opportunities to learn and to grow. And you will look back and realize that even when you were afraid, you chose to brave. You chose to open your heart to the possibility of what you were meant to learn each day. 

And from one season to the next,

you learned to embrace the process

with a heart set on distant shores

in pursuit of something more.

Keep looking where the Light pours in. Keep choosing to believe that things do not have to come together perfectly in order for you to experience peace. Make decisions that lead to growth. Make decisions that remind you that life can be meaningful and valuable even though it is far from perfect. Because things are going to get better. You are going to heal in the way you were meant to. Even in the chaos of it all there will be a billion little ways that endless Light will continue to find you. This does not mean the road ahead will be easy. You might still have to face that vast ocean of unknowns again. But Light will still pour in. You will still be free to take it day by day. You will still be on your journey. You will be wrapped in grace.


Morgan Harper Nichols