you are free to embrace this Glorious Day

You have been through so much.
You have carried the burden
of a thousand sleepless nights
on your tired shoulders.
You have waited and you have waited,
and you have found
unimaginable loss in the very place
where you thought
you would find abundance.

And somehow, through it all,
you also found unexplainable peace
right in the middle
of things you could not
you came wandering
into the Light
where you found
for new beginnings,
and you found
Eternal Love,
that rising from the ashes
of the suffering,
and forever
changing the tone
of everything.

And even here
in those moments
where you long to know
what comes next,
may you embrace
the boundless depths
of this Love
that does not let go
no matter your unknowns.

Even when it feels a little quieter
and your soul feels a little weaker,
Love has not let you go
Love has not let you go,
and you are free
to still have hope
all has not been lost,
and there is still more Life
to come,
and it is okay
to be undone
as you wait
for what’s to come,

for after everything,
you are free
to embrace
this Glorious Day
where Life
has risen
from the shadows
and Love has found you,

Morgan Harper Nichols

About this piece: it was a previous Easter when they received the news that their life would never be the same. I wrote back to them not knowing how things had developed in their story, but I wrote these words in hopes to encourage them in whatever season they were in, on this Easter. Often times when I am writing to someone who submitted a while ago, I do not know all that has developed, but I do want them to know they are Loved. I do want them to know that even if they are still waiting for answers there is grace to be found right here, where they are.