While you are waiting

While you are waiting, you are not merely waiting. You are growing in your capacity to receive what was meant for you in the right timing. You are growing in your capacity to learn what you need to go in order to prepare you for where you need to go. There will be moments, days, or entire seasons of your lives where you feel like your time is being wasted. You will feel the weight of the stagnant waters swarming around your ankles that keep you from moving forward. But I promise you, no matter the progress you have not been able to see, something more is happening. Beneath the surface, you are still growing, and being prepared for where you need to be.

And perhaps it will be here in the waiting

you begin to see:

you are not just growing

for the sake of growing

but you are growing

in your capacity

to receive:

the wisdom

the courage

and the grace you need

to live in the present moment

and be strengthened

for future things.

Perhaps this time within the waiting

is creating the space you need

to learn what you need to learn

to arrive where you are meant to be.

Think about where you were five years ago. Think about how you did not know you would make it through all the things you made it through, and how, when it seemed like nothing was happening in your life, and you were just waiting, you still grew. You still rose above. You still make it through. And even though you cannot see it, you are still growing in this season, too.

I cannot tell you how long you will have to wait, but I can tell you that you are being prepared for what's to come breath by breath, day by day. I can tell you that in this present moment, you are still free to trust that beneath the layers of doubt, worry, and fear, something beautiful is blooming here. And even though you cannot see it, that does not mean it is not real.

So open the morning windows

and let The Light pour in.

Receive this beautiful truth:

Yesterday Was Not The End.

Yes, you are still waiting,

but you have made it another day.

There is so much that lies before you

and you are still well on your way.

Morgan Harper Nichols

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