what was meant for you

You have known what it means to be the second choice...and I hope you also know what it means to step into the Light and know that you are worthy of love just as you are...and more than you were meant to be ‘chosen’ by someone, you were meant to be who you were meant to be, and whoever sees the Light within you, has noticed a beautiful thing.

I know you desire to know love, but I just hope you know that you don’t have to wait around for it. I just hope you know you don’t have to wait to be noticed or chosen by someone in order to feel beautiful or to know that Light is shining through you. There will be people who see you for who you truly are and there will also be people who are too busy or preoccupied or just don’t have the time. But their lack of ability to see you is not a reflection of you or your worth. The state they are in will not hinder you from being led where you need to be, no matter how well you know them or how connected you feel to them. You will still bloom in the way you were meant to, no matter who does or does not notice you.

You are still allowed to believe in what is greater than you, and what is beyond you, no matter the times you have been rejected, betrayed, or letdown. You are still allowed to live a meaningful life even if the love you have to give was not returned.

You may have moments where you feel the sorrow of what happened all over again, but even then, you are still free to believe: things won’t always be this way.

And even when you believe that there is a greater plan, it is okay to lift your hands in surrender, and exhale: “I do not understand,” while still believing in the depth of your soul, that everything will come together in the way it is meant to.

Continue to lean into endless, boundless peace...let it shine over your unsettled thoughts, and remind you, you are still free to breathe here, as you wait for you what’s to come.

Because I promise you, there is more to come. As long as you here, there is more to come. And your future might not look exactly how you thought it would, but perhaps it will be even better. Perhaps in the same way you have been surprised by Light in the past, there is still time for you to be surprised in the future. And maybe you will find that some of the things you hoped for were only a hint in the direction of what was actually truly meant for you.


Morgan Harper Nichols