Travel slow under this desert sun - April 11, 2019

It is hard to see how with everything you are going through that the same radiant Light you shine on others is still shining within you, too. It is hard to see that through everything you are giving, you have not been emptied, and there is still a river of life flowing through you, even as you wander through this endless desert.

But I just hope you know that there is more to you than what you see. There is more to you than what you are feeling. There is more to your story than the chapter you are currently in. You are having to deal with a lot right now, so that is why it might be difficult to see how this is true, but I promise you: there is more to you. There is more to you than having to be the one who is happy for everyone else. There is more to you than having to carry the burden of your worries by yourself. You are free to let things go. You are free to take time to rest. You are free to be honest that amidst all you are giving, you need some time to slow down, and be breathe, and be renewed in the arms of grace.

May you always remember that joy is still available to you even in your quieter moments. You are still filled with radiant Light even when you cannot find the laughter. Every breath that leaves your body is a sign of the life within you...a sign that somehow, there is a still a rhythm to it all, amidst all that you are going through.

So travel slow under this desert sun. Take moments to rest when you need to. For even in your quieter, slower moments, boundless grace will find you. You may feel like you are far away from home. You may feel far away from yourself. But the more you stay connected to this life, the more you will be reminded: right now, this is where you belong. And you are learning what you need to learn. You are growing how you need to grow. And all of this is a journey home.


Morgan Harper Nichols