There is more to come

It is hard to let go of the way things were, but you are going to find new rhythms. You are going to make new memories. You are going to have new experiences that will be nothing like the old ones and that is okay. This is a part of change. And in time, you will begin to see that change was necessary, and perhaps it can even be beautiful.

Hold onto your memories while also knowing these present moments will soon be memories too. Cherish them. They may not seem like much, but years from now, they will mean more than you realize right now. Years from now, you will be so glad you chose to make the most of where you are right now, even in the moments where you were missing the way things were. You will be glad you chose to see that even in the sorrow of what would never be again, there was still this childlike wonder to go chasing where Light poured in.

And even when you are learning to be present in the moment, you do not have to be afraid to cherish what was. Moving on is hard. Starting over is hard. But you don’t have to brush over these feelings because you think that you have to “grow up” or have this figured out by now. You are allowed to slow down and express gratitude for what was, while also actively living with the hope that there is still much more to come.

Things are going to be different here. They are absolutely going to be different here. Allow yourself to believe that "different" can also be beautiful. You can still learn what you were meant to learn, grow the way you were meant to grow, and meet the people you were meant to be. As long as you are still living, there is still time for you to have a meaningful life beyond what you have been expecting.


Morgan Harper Nichols

As always, this was written for the one who sent me their story. 💌DMS are open. Stories are kept private, and I always send you what I created for you before sharing it elsewhere.