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“take heart, this is not the end.”

May today be filled

with pleasant reminders

of just how beautiful life can be,

even in the simplest of things.

May you live mindfully

and courageously

beyond the realms of your fears,

and step heels-deep

into those heart-strung things

you have dreamed of for years

May you always see

the Light pouring in over everything.

From the high windows in a busy market

to the low hung lights in quiet shops,

may you hear hope in the voices of strangers

grace in the laughter of friends,

feel the weight of every memory, feeling, lesson:

whispering ever so gently,

“take heart, this is not the end.”

For a thousand more times

you may cross these canals,

and may each time you cross,

remind you of the miles

and the grace-rooted years

you made it through,

just to make it


– Morgan Harper Nichols

one avenue to the next

Before you try to make it day by day, try to take it step by step, as you slowly make your way from one avenue to the next. For you do not know what to expect between the buildings, under trees, and beyond the urgent rush of things, but you can be still, look up, breathe deep, and believe: even here, right now, there is more than what you see. And though you have found every answer yet, you can take the path step by step; in the chaos, finding grace, in the most unexpected place. – Morgan Harper Nichols