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one breath at a time

If there are mornings you wake up

with no strength to start the day

and if there are midnights where you feel

no Light will come your way

take heart. breathe deep.

go to the nearest window.

Look up into the sky

let it remind you it’s okay

to be this small and human thing

that does not know everything,

and is letting go

and taking in

one breath

at a time.


no matter how long winter lingers

On this morning

mercies were new,

but it did not feel

that way to you,

for you are tired

of giving

while seeing

no fruit,

tired of the weather

and too much

to do:

take heart,

take shelter,

for right now,

this is winter,

and these cold

quiet lands

have done

all they can.

And some things

may not grow

the way

you had planned,

but even here

in your soul

may you soon


you are free

to believe

in much

better things

and these seeds

will rise

from the ground

in spring.

You have to wait

but you will see:

no matter how long winter lingers,

it lets go,

it leaves.

– Morgan Harper Nichols