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hope is unbridled

You may have walked into rooms where you did not feel welcomed. You may have felt alone in beautiful cities with a thousand people swarming around you. You may have struggled to find comfort in the place you call home. You have wrestled with thoughts of your purpose in this life when everyone around you thought you were moving along just fine. Wherever you have been, I hope you know that hope has met you there. It may not have seemed apparent. It may not have knocked on your door asking you, “what are you waiting for?” as it pulled at you to leave your room and go get sit on some lawn to watch the sunset, but it was running wild within you. It was all wrapped up in that second by second choice you kept making to keep breathing. Even when you felt you had no purpose. Even when you thought your world was sinking.

Even in the moments where you could not quite articulate, “why” you chose to get up every day, you got up anyway. That was hope. That was grace. Even if you carried on hour into hour, wondering how you could possibly make it through the next, there was a moment within each breath, you kept going a little longer, and you kept getting a little stronger, even when you were at your weakest.

This is hope. It does not have our restraints. It goes beyond what we think is possible on our best and worst of days, reminding us bold and radiant Light that shows up in our in-betweens, giving us just enough strength to keep our eyes open, making a daily choice to keep living. – Morgan Harper Nichols

And there is grace for each of us: glorious unmerited favor that meets us right where we are

And there will be feelings that are hard to shape into phrases and there will be memories that are difficult and weighted, and there will always be grace rushing through you all the more...reminding you that even here, there is so much more in store.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words. And sometimes, even when you do, the words are hard to say.

It can also be hard to look back and try to make sense of things because you are not sure of what you will find...or, maybe you have an idea of what you will find, but it is not something you even know how to dig into.

When you find yourself in that place, know that you do not have to sort through all of this alone in your head, or even in your journal. You also do not have to avoid them. Instead, you can be kind and gentle to yourself as you seek out the best way to sort through this with a counselor, a mentor, or a trusted friend.

And if you do not have someone like that in your life right now, I hope that first, you can begin to seek what it would take to have at least one person to talk to, and secondly, know this: there are so many people who are right where you are, trying to sort through things that are not easy to put into words.

So even if you are still looking for clarity, closure, and peace, you are not alone in seeking this. In one way or another, we are all searching for those answers...many of us are still trying to make sense of things that happened in our childhood. And there is grace for each of us: glorious unmerited favor that meets us right where we are and freely gives us the room and the time to heal and carry on.