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truth about grace

Here’s the truth about grace:

It probably won’t look like you expect it to.

It probably won’t even really make sense to you,

because it’s glorious unmerited favor,

and nothing else really works that way.

There are so many things in life that say to you:

“You are not worthy, and you will never be worthy

unless you can prove it to me.”

But grace says something else.

Grace says:

“I see where you are,

and I know that you have been lost out here,

but there is still a way Home for you.

And you are free to carry on

on that journey,

even before it makes sense to you.”

– Morgan Harper Nichols

all along, there was grace for you

Even amidst the things that have not made sense, I hope you can see there is grace for this: glorious unmerited favor that sustains your soul, even when you don’t know how things are going to go. You are working so hard right now and you are giving so much, so take a deep a breath, step full into grace and do not give up. One day you will look back on days like this and see that even in all of those things that made absolutely no sense, you made it through, because all along, there was grace for you. – Morgan Harper Nichols

the clearing of grace

Come running through the forest

of your thoughts

and collapse

into the clearing of grace.

Run through the wilderness

of who and what did not want you

and realize there is freedom for you

to still want better things.

It is okay to dream better dreams.

Even if what you lost

seemed to be everything.

Because the truth is,

you were always made for more.

You were always made to carry on

through the worst of things,

gathering all the strength you would need

to be who you are today.

Even when you were hurt along the way.

Even when you felt like a prisoner

in your very own mind, by grace,

you survived

and you still have permission

to roam free.

Roam free into the clearing.

Catch your breath.



Begin again.

You are allowed to do that.

You are allowed to want more

than these current feelings

and out in the clearing,

you are allowed to find healing.

– Morgan Harper Nichols

one avenue to the next

Before you try to make it day by day, try to take it step by step, as you slowly make your way from one avenue to the next. For you do not know what to expect between the buildings, under trees, and beyond the urgent rush of things, but you can be still, look up, breathe deep, and believe: even here, right now, there is more than what you see. And though you have found every answer yet, you can take the path step by step; in the chaos, finding grace, in the most unexpected place. – Morgan Harper Nichols

And there is grace for each of us: glorious unmerited favor that meets us right where we are

And there will be feelings that are hard to shape into phrases and there will be memories that are difficult and weighted, and there will always be grace rushing through you all the more...reminding you that even here, there is so much more in store.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words. And sometimes, even when you do, the words are hard to say.

It can also be hard to look back and try to make sense of things because you are not sure of what you will find...or, maybe you have an idea of what you will find, but it is not something you even know how to dig into.

When you find yourself in that place, know that you do not have to sort through all of this alone in your head, or even in your journal. You also do not have to avoid them. Instead, you can be kind and gentle to yourself as you seek out the best way to sort through this with a counselor, a mentor, or a trusted friend.

And if you do not have someone like that in your life right now, I hope that first, you can begin to seek what it would take to have at least one person to talk to, and secondly, know this: there are so many people who are right where you are, trying to sort through things that are not easy to put into words.

So even if you are still looking for clarity, closure, and peace, you are not alone in seeking this. In one way or another, we are all searching for those answers...many of us are still trying to make sense of things that happened in our childhood. And there is grace for each of us: glorious unmerited favor that meets us right where we are and freely gives us the room and the time to heal and carry on.