Slow progress is still progress - April 12, 2019

From here, it is so hard to imagine how you could ever be able to trust again. It is hard to hope for a future that will so different than what you planned. But even here, you are free to believe that even though so much changed, and you just won’t be the same, you still have this day to breathe deep, anyway. You still have this moment to remember: you are a human being and it is okay to take this time to sort through what you are feeling.

In this season,

progress may be slow,

but it is still progress,

beautiful progress,

and it matters more than you know.

–– Morgan Harper Nichols


These words written to someone who shared their story with me via my site. Every week, I randomly select people who submit stories or topics for me to write about and it is my hope that these words and pieces of art can speak to you, too.