Pursuing peace

Pursuing peace is the ability to find rest within in the present moment even when you do not know what is going to happen next. Peace is realizing that even without knowing, and even in the waiting, you are free to breathe deep. This does not mean that you should stop trying to move forward and not do anything, but it does mean that as you take each step, you begin to realize that your life is not a sum of outcomes. Your life is a journey and you were meant to learn something with every step...even without knowing what comes next.

We live in world that is filled to the brim with immediacy. If you are not moving as fast as you possibly can, you might be disregarded. If you do not "peak" at a certain age, then you might be overlooked. This is very dififcult pressure to live with, because no one wants or needs to be excluded in this world, but yet, if you have to take the longer route, or if you have to wait a little longer than everyone else, you might just get left behind.

Please do not let this these fears take anything away from your peace. You are still free to slow down and breathe deep, no matter who or what is rushing you. You will not be able to finish the race if you are not able to pace yourself. You will not be able to come alive to what's to come if you do not take moments in this present season to rest. The future will arrive when it is meant to arrive but there is no way to rush it any further along. It is so hard to wait. I know, it is so hard to wait. It is hard not to feel like it is a setback when you cannot move forward in the way you want to. It is hard to watch others pass you. So let it be peace that reminds you: breath by breath, you will make it through, and when it comes to what was meant for you, you have not been left behind.



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