New Shop Name! / Garden24: Always Growing

There is a reason the sky gets dark at night. We were not meant to see everything all the time. We are meant to rest and trust even in the darkness. Because no matter how heavy the shadows fill the night, in time, we will see morning Light…we will see that even though we were tired, weary, and we could not see the ground beneath our feet, somehow, we were still growing. Somehow, we were still being led right where we needed to be. And it might take years to see how all of this comes together. We might not always see the pieces fall in place in the timeframe in which we desired. But this does not have to stop us from resting, and trusting that we will not always be here. We are not stuck in this stage of life. Our present uncertainties will not last forever. The pieces will come together in their time. We will grow in the way we were meant to: older and wiser with each day. And that is a beautiful. Even when we did not notice it. Even in the darkness. We are growing. Always growing.

So keep trusting. Keep believing. Even when you cannot see. For even when the sky grows dark, you are being led where you need to be.


If you scroll all the way to the end of this post, you’ll see an image that says ‘Garden24.’ This is the new name of my shop (formerly The MHN Shop)! The ‘Garden’ represents a place where new things come to life. ‘24’ represents my favorite number, and also how 24 hours a day, something is always growing. Even in the shadows. Even in the darkness. Even when we do not notice. Whether it’s a piece of art or a poem you see here on the internet, or a poster or a t-shirt that comes from the shop, it is my hope that you are reminded that no matter what, you are growing. Even in the night, when you can’t see a single thing, you are growing into who you were meant to be, 24 hours a day, you are growing. You can explore all things #Garden24 at @Garden24co. New posters, apparel, and stickers have been added for the month of May! Thank you, and I hope this season of your life is one marked with opportunities to grow more than ever before.

Morgan Harper Nichols