Letting go, trusting, and tough conversations - April 8, 2019

While you wrestle with the possibility that things may not go back to how they were, I just hope you know it is still a sign of your strength that you are learning how to work through this. The mere fact that you have made the choice to no longer hold it all in is a sign that you know deep within: letting go brings healing. Letting go brings healing. And not that letting go makes everything easier...in fact, there are times, where initially, it might only remind you of the wounds...but even there, it can also remind you: My Dear, you are worthy of this release. You are worthy of being free from all these things that broke your heart. Even here, you are stepping out of the shadows and into the Light. You are learning to face what you truly feel, and say the words you really want to say. You are learning to be brave. You are finding that even though it might be so hard to have to move on in this way, there is still boundless grace that says, your story will go on, anyway. And within this grace, you will heal. You will carry the lessons you learned in this season into new seasons. You will wake up years from now and realize that this heartbreak was still a part of a greater story. You will find that there was so much more ahead of you, even when it was hardest to believe.

So no matter how tomorrow goes, please do not be too hard on yourself. You have been broken open to heal, and you are not weak for feeling tender. You are doing the right thing in being honest, in stepping forward into the Light, trusting that no matter what is revealed, there will be space to be alright. Not perfect, but alright. And you can move through the hallways with courage, knowing you did everything you could, and the future can still be beautiful, Light-woven, honest, good.


Morgan Harper Nichols