Keep looking where the Light pours in

Keep looking where the Light pours in. I know your eyes are tired and your body is tired and the world seems to move on so fast without you, but I promise you, there is still time to see the morning sun pour through these half-closed blinds. There is still time to find peace and beauty in the most unexpected places, taking deeper breaths, even in the rush of life. You are still free to slow down and take all of this in, and feel what you need to feel. Take the time you need to heal, knowing everything will be revealed when it is meant to be revealed to you.

So come back to present moment. Let it teach you. Let it show you: there is a life to be lived, right here, and Light is still pouring through.

No matter what it is that is pulling you away from the present moment, may you know this to be true: it takes practice to make the most of the moment that is right in front of you. You do not have to begin and end it every day with impressive amounts of energy in order to truly be present. You can be calm, quiet, and even a little tired and still make the most of the moment. Start slowly. Start small. Start by remembering to take deep breaths. And not just a deep sigh in a frustrated moment, but slow, intentional inhales and exhales that you feel deep within your body.

You can also make the most of every moment by finding the good in a little things. I like to define “little things” as: whatever it is that might not change your overall situation but still manages to bring you joy:

A music playlist of encouraging songs,
a lunch break with a good book instead of social media,
a conversation with a friend that you can confide in,
the color aqua blue,
the smell of fresh brewed coffee,
the way that light pours into the window,
the sound of rain on the patio…the list is endless, even though the present moment can feel so limiting.

Light is still pouring in here. You are still free to find peace, joy, and rest here. No matter what you have or have not seen, there is room breathe deep and just be.

Morgan Harper Nichols