It is okay if "strength" is nothing more than slow & careful breaths (5 Reminders)

1. Strength will look different person to person, season to season, and that is okay.


2. May you never feel like you are weak for taking the time to rest, whether it be your body, or mind. You need it.


3. When things in life do not go according to plan, take heart and know: even here, you will grow.


4. Just because your heart has been broken, that that does not mean you are broken beyond repair. No matter how anyone else made you feel, your heart is still worthy of care.


5. To the one with the broken heart:


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Also, as always, each of these pieces were written with someone in mind who shared their story with me here. Different people, different stories, and it is my hope that all together, they can remind each of us we are not alone. I randomly select people to write for, for free, and the names and stories are kept anonymous. Click here to submit your story or a topic for me to write about (names are randomly selected weekly).