It does not make you irresponsible if everything is not planned out in your life.

Normally, everything I share is written specifically to one person. These particular pieces were written with quite a few people in mind. I think in one way or another, we all feel some kind of pressure to be ‘more’ of something: whether that’s more educated, more organized, more attractive, more like what someone else wants to us to be…so in a way, I wrote these words for anyone who is feeling the weight of who they are not. I hope these words remind even there, you are still free to travel on the journey of becoming who you were meant to be.


Maybe you do not have to set goals for everything. Maybe you can create goals in some areas of your life, and choose to let other things just be. It does not make you irresponsible if everything is not planned out in your life. It does not make you any less of an adult if you do not have a game plan for everything. It does not make you any less worthy of love because of your failures.

Think about a time where something unplanned happened that turned out to be beautiful. Remember how it freeing it was to realize that even though it wasn’t on the schedule, it was exactly what was supposed to happen. Maybe it was something small, like running into a friend in the grocery store. A missed turn while traveling that led you to a part of town you never noticed before. A delayed flight that led to you discovering that cafe. Or maybe it was the extra year you spent in your hometown that led you to meet your new best friend. The dream that fell apart that led you to dream another dream. The relationship that ended that taught you how to see your own worth in a new way. Allow yourself to hold onto those moments. Remember this when you are setting goals, filling in your calendar, and creating your daily routine. Some things might just come to life exactly the way you imagined, while others might end up being entirely different, but there is something to learn and experience on both ends of this spectrum and everywhere in between, and even the unexpected can exceed your expectations in the best way. You just never know.

And also, remember this: no matter what you have been made to believe, not a single soul in this world has it all figured out. Even well-meaning people who told you how to “make it” or how to be successful in life still have mountains they are trying to climb. You may not have been able to do everything the way everyone wanted you to, but that is fine. You can still take this one day at a time, and be kind to yourself in the process. You can still be who you were meant to be without meeting everyone else’s expectation of you. You can still be proud of how far you have come and what you accomplished without everyone else’s recognition of your progress.