How wonderfully you have grown since May of last year

How wonderfully you have grown
since May of last year,
over rivers,
over mountains,
through an ocean
of your fears,
learning to believe
over and over again:
no matter the shadows,
Light is still pouring in.

So breath deep
and step full
into every present moment,
for every millisecond
is a frame of time,
a flash of light on its own.
And though you cannot keep record
of every single one of them,
you have been fully alive in all of them,
and you have belonged in every moment,
you have truly belonged in every moment.
So when time is racing by,
may your memory serve you well
that every moment was a part
of the story you will tell.
Through sleepless nights
and wonder-whys,
you have learned to see
on starless nights
that after everything
you made it here,
and you might
just be


There are so many things on your plate right now, and a whole lot of things left to figure out, but if ever for a moment you start to feel like you cannot continue, take a deep breath, reflect, and remember just how far you’ve come.

And think about where you were last year. Think about the things that used to worry you so much that no longer consume your mind and time: the relationship that wasn’t healthy, the stress of what this year would be like, the things you never thought you would accomplish but did… all of those things are worthy of being grateful for, and are beautiful reminders that after everything that happened you are so much stronger than you thought you would be, and even here, by grace, you will have the strength you need to keep going.


All of these words were originally written and emailed to people who submitted stories via my website. As an artist, I have always been inspired by real people and real stories and in 2017 I invited people to join me in the process, by inviting you to share your story on my site. All of the stories are kept private, and I share what I created with you first before sharing it publicly. This has become a daily practice of generosity for me, and I randomly select people to write for each week. Click here to submit your story. It can be your life story or just a sentence or two. It’s up to you. There are no rules.

Sincerely, Morgan Harper Nichols