For the one who is heartbroken

For the one who is heartbroken: You have invested so much into this, and put so much on hold, only to see it fall apart just when it seemed like you were finally getting into a rhythm. I hope you know most of all that it is okay to feel what you are feeling right now, and it is also okay to trust and believe that you will not feel this way forever, even though it may seem this way.

And if ever there is a moment where you start to feel like you should not be heartbroken over this, know that things like this take time to heal from. You poured a lot of time and a lot of love into this, because like you said, this was a different kind of connection. So I hope you know it is okay if you are sensitive to the unraveling of the ties between you. And I hope you also know this: this heartbreak and this sudden change of course does not have to hinder you. It does not have to hinder you from living, breathing, and carrying on in the direction of where you were meant to be. Yes, this present season is clouded with mystery and changing things, but you are changing, too, in the most beautiful, grace-filled ways.

You have been through so much. You have traveled hours upon on hours to try and make this love work. You have given day after day, trying to keep this alive. It’s hard to see it go away. It’s hard to see things change. But it’s also possible to believe even here, there is still more ahead of you.

I know you have seen too many people come in and out of your life, and you were hoping this time for something different. You were hoping this time, it would last a little longer, hold on a little stronger…and perhaps, this is what makes all of this just a little but harder. It’s what breaks your heart a little more. But even then, I hope you can see that:

the fact that you have lived

to tell the story

is a sign of a hope and courage

that has always been within you

and is only growing stronger

with every brand new day,

reminding you

there is a way

to slowly make it through this

to slowly begin to believe,


even here,

there is more to my story

and more to me

and what’s been broken

will not hinder me

from being led

where I need to be.”


Morgan Harper Nichols