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Just in case no one has told you lately - April 15, 2019

Just in case no one has told you lately, the mere fact that you keep choosing to show up everyday after everything you have been through only points to your strength. It might not look like it in the moment, when you are heading into yet another week filled with a thousand things to do, and you don’t see how you could possibly be considered strong when you are barely making it through, but I promise you, this, right here is strength. Breath into breath, moment into moment, it takes strength to be here. It takes strength to keep showing up everyday even when there is so much in your life that is still uncertain.

You do not have to be invincible before you can be strong.
You do not have to be fearless before you can have courage.
You do not have to be where you want to be before you take a loving look at yourself with gratitude for how far you have come.

Remember what it was like last year and how you never thought you would make it through. Remember the worry that kept you awake at night and the heartbreak that made it hard to start the day. Somehow, through it all, you got up anyway. You smiled where it seemed impossible. You found Light where everything was broken.

Oh, if only you could see yourself right now, a year from now. It is hard to imagine, but you would be so proud of her. You would be at awe that amidst all of the things she was faced with, she still exhibited this unbridled strength. She kept hope when it did not make sense. She found peace right here in the wild of it.

I just wanted to take some time today to remind you how strong and how brave you are. I know that you are still dealing with so much on the inside when so many people think you have moved on, on the outside, but I just wanted to be one person to let you know that the beautiful strength you have right now should not be overlooked. Considering all you are carrying on your shoulders, it takes bravery to be here, and I just wanted to take a moment to affirm that strength within you. Even here, you are strong. You are moving right along.


Morgan Harper Nichols