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Healing is a journey

How beautiful it is

after everything that has happened,

you have learned the art

of the release.

You have learned what it means

to let go

in a lifetime

filled with unknowns.

It has not been an easy journey for you

and it so hard to make sense

of all you had to go through,

but I just hope you know

you do not have to.

You are allowed to be at peace

no matter the uncertainty you leave behind.

You are allowed to keep talking things out,

you are free to keep taking this day by day

knowing that as you learn more and more of who you are

you are wrapped in endless grace.

You have been through so much,

but there is still more ahead of you,

and with every breath you breathe,

Light will continue to guide you.

So go on,

go on,

go and take

that deep breath

let it remind you

it is okay

to take this

step by step

Healing is a journey,

a journey you did not ask to go on,

but you are traveling right along

and that alone, is everything.

So keep your eyes open,

keep your heart open, too.

This journey is filled with a thousand lessons to learn,

but also abundant Love that shines through.

And it does not matter where you have been

even as recent as yesterday.

You are free to experience a beautiful, meaningful life

right here, in this moment.

And I know you haven't always seen the greatness

within yourself,

but that does not mean it is not radiant within you,

your courage,



are still

shining through,

even when it is not apparent to you.

Even when it is not apparent to you.

So when you look in the mirror

I hope you can trust

there is more to you

than what you see,

and you are allowed to pause

and merely be

knowing you are radiant

with strength

and beauty

you can still

choose to believe

in the deepest

depths of your soul,

even when what you see

seems faulty

and fragmented,

deep within,

you are whole.


Morgan Harper Nichols

Thanks for reading! And as always, each of these was written to someone in particular and sent to them before I shared them here. - Morgan Harper Nichols