Beautiful strength

I know you feel that you have so far to go, but I just hope you can continue to see the strength that is already within you. I hope you can find the hope to believe that even though this present season has turned out differently than what you were expecting, your time has not been wasted. You may not be able to change the past, but you can choose to believe that where you are matters, it truly, matters, no matter the things that have not yet come together. Remember the nights you never thought you would make it through? The days you never thought would end? Every moment you continue to breathe is a sign of your ever-growing strength. There may be days, or weeks, or entirely seasons of life where you feel that you are too weak, but I promise, if you only keep breathing, you will slowly begin to see: all of this is a part of the journey that leads you where you need to be. 

You have had to deal with so many people who did not believe in you and support you, but even then, your strength came through. Even then, you carried on and you started to find new rhythms. You started to dream new dreams. You started to find new hopes. You started to see that you could hold on for something better, no matter who betrayed you or let you go. This is strength, beautiful strength, and it is still rising up within you. 


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Congrats to all 25 the winners! Thanks so much to all who have participated, and I definitely plan on doing more things like this in the future! – Morgan