you are free to be okay. not perfect, but okay.

Whatever these

next few hours

look like for you,

may you cling all the more

to this beautiful truth:

you are still wrapped within

this endless, boundless, grace.

And not only to make it through tests,

but to make it through this life.

To make it over mountains and valleys

that seem to have no end,

you are free to travel light

no matter what changes or happens,

you are free to be okay.

Not perfect, but okay,

and those things

you’ve dreamed so deeply of,

are still worth the wait.

You are working so hard.

You are giving so much.

You will see the harvest soon,

if you do not give up.

Take heart, breathe deep,

and realize

in the end,

you will always

land where

you need

to be.

–– Morgan Harper Nichols