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The seeds you sow matter
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Amidst all of her worries,
she kept her heart set on the hope
that the seeds she planted mattered,
and in their season,
they would grow.

For whatever seeds you have sown lately, may you know that there is still time for them to grow. They may not grow at the pace in which you want them to, but they will grow in their season. Remember this when you are overwhelmed by all of the things that haven’t happened yet. Remember this when you’re tired from the longest days at work, or at school. Remember this when it seems like everyone you know is rapidly moving past you. You may be feeling a little weary, but even then, the seeds you have sown will grow. Even then, the sun will still pour in through the leaves, and rain will still fall from the clouds. So just be. Be faithful. Be patient. Be hopeful. There is still time for these seeds to grow.

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Keep chasing golden hour

Keep chasing golden hour. Keep making room in the day to find beauty in the simple, subtle, and overlooked. There is no secret that the hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset can truly be something beautiful, but how often do you stop what you are doing to admire it? You may be feeling a little overwhelmed lately, and maybe taking time for a sunrise or sunset seems like too much. But I just hope you know that sun is calling you to notice it just like it’s calling everyone else. It’s not only for the painters or the poets or the tourists…it’s for you too, on days like this. Let today be the day you rebel against monotony. Everyday may feel the same, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Golden hour is calling. Even on days like this.

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