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The seeds you sow matter
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Amidst all of her worries,
she kept her heart set on the hope
that the seeds she planted mattered,
and in their season,
they would grow.

For whatever seeds you have sown lately, may you know that there is still time for them to grow. They may not grow at the pace in which you want them to, but they will grow in their season. Remember this when you are overwhelmed by all of the things that haven’t happened yet. Remember this when you’re tired from the longest days at work, or at school. Remember this when it seems like everyone you know is rapidly moving past you. You may be feeling a little weary, but even then, the seeds you have sown will grow. Even then, the sun will still pour in through the leaves, and rain will still fall from the clouds. So just be. Be faithful. Be patient. Be hopeful. There is still time for these seeds to grow.

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Taking the time to delight in the present doesn't take anything away from the future.
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There is a life right in front of you that is ready to be lived. It might not be the life you always dreamed of, and it might be missing a few things, or a few people, but I promise you, it still matters. And taking the time to delight in the present doesn't take anything away from the future. Even when your hopes for the future are sincere and filled with good intention, you are being called to live this day in the same way. It won't be easy, though. You might feel like you are selling yourself short or settling for where you are, but the truth is, this moment is all you have. And the more you can began to accept it, the more you will find that there is more to the present moment than you have ever seen before. Perhaps an unlikely friendship can be cultivated today. Perhaps in the time you spend alone in the afternoon you can find the time to journal, or write a poem again. There are seeds to be sown here. There are plants that are already growing that are waiting to be watered. You may not be where you want to be, but in grace, you have what you need to make the most of the life that is right here in front of you.

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Perhaps, even here, I am growing.

Perhaps, even here, I am growing. When the days are long and I do not feel as strong and when the hours go by slower than they ever have before, and sun is shining and I am lost indoors, perhaps even here, I am growing...learning to be at peace in what does not make sense to me. Perhaps, even here I am growing. So I will inhale and exhale. It is well, it is well, everyday is a part of the story I will tell. I am free to breathe here, free to be here, free to be at peace when nothing makes sense here, because perhaps...even here, I am growing. Perhaps, even here, I am growing. — Morgan Harper Nichols

even though you had to wait, you were not lost.

Season into season,

more things will be revealed to you.

More things will unfold

before your eyes

and you will be grateful

they did not come too early,

but they came in their time.

You will see in days to come

that even though you had to wait,

you were not lost.

You were being strengthened

as you were being guided

right where you needed to be.

— Morgan Harper Nichols

the beautiful things in life only come together with time

May you always remember

the beautiful things in life

that only come together with time;

those friends who are real and honest

but are like gold and hard to find,

and may you never forget that view...

high about the treelines,

even though it took three hours to climb.

May you never forget

your progress,

your story,

the little things

that make a difference,

may you always remember the value

of love, grace, hope, and patience.