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Collapse into the clearing of grace

Come running through the forest

of your thoughts

and collapse

into the clearing of grace.

Run through the wilderness

of who and what did not want you

and realize there is freedom for you

to still want better things.

It is okay to dream better dreams.

Even if what you lost

seemed to be everything.

Because the truth is,

you were always made for more.

You were always made to carry on

through the worst of things,

gathering all the strength you would need

to be who you are today.

Even when you were hurt along the way.

Even when you felt like a prisoner

in your very own mind, by grace,

you survived

and you still have permission

to roam free.

Roam free into the clearing.

Catch your breath.



Begin again.

You are allowed to do that.

You are allowed to want more

than these current feelings

and out in the clearing,

you are allowed to find healing.


free to be at rest

Even these sidewalks

overgrown with weeds

are still a part of the path

that leads her where she needs to be.

And even when the road is winding,

she will cling to what matters most,

for though she has walked

so far through the wild,

she knows one day,

she will arrive at the coast,

and she will take the deepest breath

against the ocean’s endlessness

and be reminded

that for all of the years

she worked so hard,

she made it this far,

she is free

to just be

and to rest.


for all of the hard work you do outwardly,

for all of the hard work you do outwardly,

may you find the courage to work inwardly

stepping full into the boundless grace

that allows you to mindfully slow down,

even in the thick of things

that have yet to be sorted out,

you are allowed to believe:

you are worth the quiet moment

you are worth the deeper breath

you are worth the time it takes

to be still, be free, and rest.