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Embrace the journey

You are on a journey of learning and discovering what it is that you want to do, and who it is that you want to be, and while this may you leave you with questions of wondering if you are doing all the right things, may you know that deep within your soul, you already have what you need: to carry on with courage, and hope, and the audacious belief that even though you are still learning a lot of things, every step you take, by grace, truly means something. And no matter what the next few years of your life look like, if you keep your eyes ever-turned to what is greater than you, you will look back and see that this journey you were on was honest and true. And not because things were perfect or because you always knew what to do, but because you learned to trust and believe that no matter the wildwood you found, you were going to make it home. You were going to make it where you needed to be, all because of days of like this, where you decided to embrace the journey. - Morgan Harper Nichols

You have given so much.

You have given so much.

You have worked so hard.

You have fought through so many things

just to make it here.

You have taken the leap

and you have waited,

and you have not given in

to shortcuts,

but sometimes,

the soul

just needs to be reminded:

keep going.

Keep believing.

Keep trusting.

All the work you

are putting in right now

is not in vain.