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She was not sure what to do when the storm rolled in from the sea, but she chose to believe she could still know peace
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When you have found yourself in a storm, I hope it doesn’t make you question yourself. I hope it doesn’t make you think that just because it is out of your control, you cannot know peace. I hope you remember that your peace is rooted within, and it does not blow away in changing winds. It does not go away even when the storm has ripped the shelter from over your head. You might not feel safe out here, and it is only natural to experience fear, but beneath it all, there is still time to take slow and intentional breaths, letting yourself be reminded, moment into moment, you may not have the answers for what you are experiencing, but you can still know peace. And no amount of mystery or uncertainty can ever take that away from you.


Morgan Harper Nichols

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​It’s time to let it go, floating high over the hills.

It’s time to let it go,

floating high over the hills.

So you can finally breathe

and you can finally heal.

Let this be your farewell,

the story that you tell:

“I will rest

in this beautiful truth

that even though

my heart has felt

the weight of it all,

I learned how to fly.

I made it through.”

Let this be the song of February.

Let peace be as prevalent

as a warm sun

on a cold winter today.

Be reminded on days like this

that things won’t always be this way

and you will be okay.

Not perfect, but okay.