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Not perfection, but fullness...

May this be the season you learn the art of bold surrender. Trusting in the greater plan, beyond all you understand, ever-assured within the grace: you are where you need to be. Day by day, may you learn to live for more. And not perfection, but fullness...a life that goes beyond the shore. Even when you do not have as much time as you once thought you would, Light is winning, ever-working things together for the good. So take deep breaths often and pursue this Glorious Depth, that reminds you every morning: you are far from finished yet. — MHN

all along, every day and every stage was worth it

If there is any uncertainty surrounding this season, and you have wondered how and where things will grow, even here, may you know this to be true: the seeds you are sowing here matter, and there will come a time when you will look back on days like this and see how even though some things took a long time to grow, you will bloom just fine. Season into season, the process of it all was not in vain. You grew in wisdom and in patience, and by grace, you are not the same. You will see that even though it took so much to make it here, you still made it here, and all along, every day and every stage was worth it. Not perfect, but worth it, because all along you were blooming into who you were meant to be. Morgan Harper Nichols